Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exploring "The Old Trunk"

Today I read "The Old Trunk" (1888) by Powhatan Bouldin Jr. This guy is my great-great grandmother's fourth cousin (mine four times removed). I find it a very interesting look at colonial life in Virginia as well as a great resource for genealogy. Everyone should be so lucky! (You can read my book review HERE).

I do want to share a quote from page 25 that I think is relevant to anyone researching their family. It is a description of going through that old trunk:

"This old document, is so tatters and torn, and the ink so pale that it can scarcely be read, but we pore over it with the interest of the explorer in the Holy Land. Indeed the contents of the Old Trunk are [mementos] of the past, which have been dug up, as it were, from the stream of dumb forgetfulness; and fortune has been as capricious in her dealing with them as she is with individuals. Now, we draw from the Old Trunk a paper so dimmed by age as to be scarcely legible; presently we come across another of greater antiquity, with every word as plain as when it was written. So, to-day, we meet with a young man whose frame has be wrecked upon the shoals of time; to-morrow with an old man who retains the vigor and buoyancy of youth. Here is a female just verging upon womanhood, from whose cheeks the rose has faded and gone; there is another, the mother of a numerous offspring, who is beautiful to the last."

He really captured it, right? So amazing!