Sunday, July 5, 2009

My orginal goal

Starting genealogy was not just a random thought for me. The reason I got into this in the first place was for two reasons: to find out who may be in many of the family photographs I have, and to also find more family photographs that may be in someone's possession. For instance, the picture that I use as part of this blog heading is a complete mystery to me. I have asked some family about it before, but I don't think anyone recognized the place.

And no, it's not some fantastical, trippy land. The photo was either exposed to a lot of light or something was wrong with the negative when it was printed. Originally, it was a deep blue sky and an orange color where the yellow and red tones appear. The way you see it now was after trying to to use an automatic color fixing tool on Picture It! And that circle to the right? It's not the sun or the moon. When looking at the original photograph, it is either a rust stain or a cigarette burn. But I love the way this looks, and even though I'm not sure who took it, where it is, and why it was significant, I will have an easy mind knowing that some day I may figure it out. And if not, it's still a really groovy pic!

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